Gold 1200
July 9, 2021

How to Profit From Carbonomics

The amount of capital that has, and will continue to be, deployed into the Carbonomics Sector is mind boggling. It’s in the hundreds of billions and […]
July 2, 2021

The MOST Dangerous Trap in Every Investment Market

What do many cryptos, cannabis stocks, precious metals stocks and SPACs all have in common? The answer might not be obvious at a glance. But if […]
June 25, 2021

SWAP Lines are One of the Most Important Things You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s a cunning strategy. The U.S. Federal Reserve satisfies the global demand for dollars while maintaining the dollar’s title as the planet-wide currency king. With one […]
June 18, 2021

Modern Monetary Theory Always Works. Once.

Marin’s Note: We are going to do something different with today’s missive. Today we will allow long time reader and esteemed colleague of ours (who wishes […]
June 11, 2021

Gold Miners: Cash Is King

Since the start of the year, central banks have purchased over four million ounces of gold. April was a big month for central bank activity. Over […]
June 4, 2021

The Most Misunderstood Commodity on Earth: Carbon Credits

In 2016, 191 countries, representing 97% of global carbon emissions, signed on to the Paris Agreement. Each country committed to a certain amount of carbon emissions […]
May 28, 2021

Watch Brent Johnson Turn the Tables on Marin

Editors Note: For the first time in Katusa Research history, a superstar guest has taken over Marin’s weekly Investment Insights column. Today, it’s none other than […]
May 21, 2021

America the Broken

Dear Reader, You’ve heard someone say some variation of this recently… “What a crazy time to be alive!” Or, “We live in interesting times”. But none […]
May 14, 2021

The Gun to America’s Head

Last week, a video from Iran showed the U.S. Capitol in flames. But have you ever wondered how the United States will actually end? Right now, […]